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‘Vanam’ is a film starring Vetri, Anu Siddhartha, Smriti Venkat, Alagham Perumal and Vela Ramamurthy. Directed by Srikanth Anand, the film is produced by Golden Stars. The story of the film is written to take place in two different eras.

Vela Ramamurthy is a landlord who lived in the Sirumalai principality of Dindigul district. His scenes are shown as happening in the 1960s. Success then debuted as a student on the campus of the College of Fine Arts at present. Students staying in a particular room of the college commit suicide. The flashback scenes move towards the shocking reasons for the success of Smriti Venkat and the search for the reason for it.


Although the preconceived notion is a boring story to be heard many times as a landowner harassing wildlife people, it could have been presented in an interesting way. The crew is lost in the woods, not knowing what to do with the appropriate nucleus in hand. Anu Siddhartha’s acting and character design are awesome. Mayaman, the cute graphic deer holding Anu Siddhartha’s hand., Compliments to the graphics team. The love scenes between Smriti Venkat and Vetri are not impressive.

The success of entering the room allotted to him in the men’s hostel, where Ambedkar pastes the picture. While this scene is not relevant to the story in any way, the question arises as to why it is necessary to do so by force.

What is the origin of Alagam Perumal? What is the prenatal life of success? – These are Reveal Climax is a little enjoyable but, it is not strong enough to withstand the whole cinema. The Magic Glass Idea makes you admire. This is the cinematography of Vikram Mohan. But it does not in any way distinguish between the 1960s and the contemporary.

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The crew is trying to make a great movie on a small budget. It has also given some success. ‘Vanam’ is a good treat for those who enjoy cinema with different pre-existing stories and trick scenes.

Forest – Releases in theaters tomorrow (Friday).


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