Vanniyar Sangam case against Chidambaram in Chidambaram court | Vanniyar Sangam case against Chidambaram in Chidambaram court

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Chidambaram in court on Jay Beam film crew Vanniyar Association The case has been filed. The judge adjourned the case till the 25th of this month.

Bamagavans and Vanniyar Sangams across Tamil Nadu have been protesting against the insult to the Vanniyar community in the film Jai Beam. The crew has been reported to the police in several places. In this situation yesterday (Nov. 23) the President of the State Vanniyar Sangam P.D. Attorney Mahendran Chidambaram, appearing for Arulmozhi, has filed a case in the 2nd Magistrate’s Court against Jay Beam film crew 2D, actor Surya, actress Jyotika, director Gnanaveel and Amazon for spreading slander, inciting violence between the two communities and disturbing the public peace. Magistrate Sakthivel accepted the case and adjourned the case till the 25th.

State Vanniyar Sangam President P.D. Arulmozhi said, “The coffin of Akki, the sacred symbol of the Vanni, has been misrepresented in the film. The name of the assistant inspector in the film is Kurumurthy.

We reported this to various police stations. But no action was taken. We have thus filed the case directly in court. The director of the film generally could not accept the apology. Actor Surya should apologize directly to Vanniyar Sangam and Bamaka. If not, the next step will be a major struggle, he said.


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