The Patient and Family Education Unit at the Women’s Health and Research Center, in cooperation with the Mental Health Service at Hamad Medical Corporation, organized a week-long awareness campaign on the occasion of International Maternal Mental Health Day. The campaign aims to encourage pregnant women and those who have recently given birth to learn about the aspects related to maternal mental health and its importance Maintaining and enhancing their mental health.
The team supervising this initiative is organizing a public awareness campaign on the twelfth of May in the outpatient clinics of the Women’s Health and Research Center to encourage pregnant women to protect their mental health by providing them with health education on the instructions to be followed to enhance their health and mental well-being.
The educational events will also highlight some of the mental health services available in Qatar.
On her part, Dr. Salwa Muhammad Abu Yaqoub, head of the obstetrics department at the Women’s Health and Research Center, said that the available research evidence so far shows that pregnant women are more likely to develop some mental illnesses or disorders during pregnancy and in the few years after that. She added, “Almost one in five women suffers from mental health problems in the perinatal period, that is during pregnancy and the first year after birth. Failure to receive appropriate treatment for these problems can cause severe consequences for the mother and the child as well as the entire family. Therefore, mental health The pre and postpartum period is critical to the health and well-being of all involved.
In turn, Ms. Haila Suwaid Salem, Executive Director of Nursing and Midwifery at the Women’s Health and Research Center, stressed the importance of raising awareness of maternal mental health to help women understand the risks and recognize the signs and symptoms of mental disorders for early diagnosis and treatment, which increases the chance of recovery.
“Lack of awareness can lead to significant delays in diagnosis and treatment, which can have serious consequences in more severe cases,” she added.
“Early diagnosis of mental health disorders for the mother is very important, and to improve your mental health during pregnancy, childbirth and beyond, you should not hesitate to discuss how you feel with someone you trust such as your husband, parent, siblings or friends,” added Ms. Haila.
Dr. Sazgar Hamad, Clinical Leader for Women’s Mental Health Services at Hamad Medical Corporation, said: “At Hamad Medical Corporation, the Women’s Health Center and Women’s Health Research Center and Mental Health Services, we are committed to providing support and counseling to all women who suffer from any mental health problems during the maternity period, and we also call on women and individuals Their families seek professional help if the woman shows symptoms of depression during pregnancy, childbirth and beyond.”

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