Various facts, CHU du Point-G: A mental patient coldly cuts the throat of a toddler

Various facts, CHU du Point-G: A mental patient coldly cuts the throat of a toddler

2023-05-04 11:37:47

While his mother was busy feeding her ailing husband, the boy’s path crossed that of a mentally insane person in the hospital corridor. He will lose his life in the most brutal and despicable way

The excitement was at its height last Monday at the Point-G hospital on the heights of Bamako. A toddler had just been coldly murdered by a patient recently admitted to the psychiatric ward of this hospital establishment. The news spread like wildfire through the City of Three Caymans and its surroundings.

According to our sources, the alleged perpetrator of this despicable act is BD. This individual had recently been admitted to the psychiatry of the CHU du Point-G, for psychiatric disorders. Some time before, in the locality of Sadiola (Region of Kayes), the man had attacked his own brother whom he slaughtered and then disappeared into the wild. He was searched for and found and that is how his parents directed him to the psychiatric department of the CHU du Point-G, in order to undergo treatment there.

The relatives of the suspect had detected in him the beginnings of madness. But, it seems that his condition had stabilized and he had embarked on the small business of selling fuel in front of the École Normale Supérieure (ENSup) in Bamako. In the aftermath, his parents were forced to send him back to the hospital again so that he could be interned there for as long as possible, so that he regained his former lucidity.

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Total loss of sanity- So everything was fine, until last Monday around 9am. On that day, the man would have totally lost his mind. He got up as if obeying an order and seized the toddler, while the latter’s mother was feeding her husband, who was also admitted to the same service to receive care. The mother therefore paid no attention to her offspring. That’s how BD and the boy ended up in the hallway. He stabs him violently on several parts of his body, then he cuts his throat. Afterwards, the madman disappeared.

It was a visitor who discovered the body of the boy lying in a pool of blood. To this day, the criminally insane remains untraceable. Contacted by us, the first manager of the hospital did not wish to comment on this case on the grounds that it is a medical file. In the meantime, all the research units in Bamako have been mobilized to get their hands on BD.


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