Varriale, stalking the ex. “He slapped me and held me by the neck”

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Varriale, stalking the ex. “He slapped me and held me by the neck”

The case Varrial continue to hold the ground. The Rai sports journalist is under investigation for stalking. To accuse him is his former partner. All this, according to the reconstruction made by the investigators – reads the Corriere della Sera – refers to a dispute in the house between the two that broke out after returning from a holiday together, last August 5. She scolds him for cheating on her, he bursts out and leaves the apartment, only to regret it during the night. From there the calls and the new attempt at reconciliation, but then the situation degenerates. The woman says in the hospital: “She slapped me and squeezed me by the neck”, the doctors gave her a certificate with a prognosis of five days.

Meanwhile – continues the Corriere – witnesses are also appearing. The porter would have witnessed the quarrel and would be ready to report what he saw. The woman would then tell every detail to two of her friends, who are also ready to confirm her thesis. Meanwhile, Varriale, heard yesterday by the investigators, defends himself: “She was jealous, she thought I had a lover.” But he defines himself as “quiet”, confident that he will be able to defend his reputation.

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