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Perhaps there is no place in your life for another electronic device. Perhaps, you have enough of electronic devices by now. But what if there was one that could translate meetings on Zoom, phone calls from your Chinese provider, and road signs when you’re overseas? A translator who, with an accuracy of 96%, immediately made you understand voice and texts in 70 different languages? Well, this translator exists and has just been launched on the market by Vasco Electronics, a European company at the forefront in the design and implementation of the latest generation of electronic translators. Vasco Translator M3, this is the name of the miraculous simultaneous translator, is the answer to the numerous requests collected by the company in over ten years of activity. Let’s see how it works and what this new translator is able to do:

● Vasco Translator M3 works in the absence of WiFi networks, without App and without mobile phone: it comes with an international SIM card, free and unlimited, which allows it to work in almost 200 countries, without top-ups or subscriptions, forever;

● In addition to speech, it translates any text (road signs, restaurant menus, books, etc.) thanks to the built-in HD camera;

● Translates over 70 languages, to and from Italian, with one click: just turn it on and speak – no installation or user settings required. The translation is available in less than a second;

● Translates phone calls, online meetings, conferences, group conversations up to 100 people; allows you to share the translations made on an email account. Available in six different colors (pearl black, arctic white, ocean blue, forest green, mint green, desert pink) Vasco Translator M3 is used with confidence by professionals all over the world (doctors, law enforcement, lawyers, frontier) as it is the only one to translate with 96% accuracy. And if you have any questions, there is customer service and they answer from Italy. And they are so nice that you can even ask them for the discount!


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