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Driving fun for almost 2000 euros – but there is a hurdle

Unusual e-vehicle for cruising: The Vässla Bike is reminiscent of a folding bike Unusual e-vehicle for cruising: The Vässla Bike is reminiscent of a folding bike

Unusual e-vehicle for cruising: The Vässla Bike is reminiscent of a folding bike

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Scooter, bike, scooter? With its Vässla Bike, the Swedish manufacturer wants to create a new vehicle category. In the test, the use of the e-vehicle on the road becomes a challenge. But that is less due to the vehicle itself.

BWhen you look at the traffic, you are no longer surprised at anything. Bicycles to lie down, electric scooters to stand, pedelecs in every design. The streets and paths are now very diverse.

The latest vehicle from the Swedish manufacturer Vässla fits in well. It is almost difficult to find a suitable name here. It is most likely to be described as an electric moped.

It drives like an e-scooter that you usually stand on – only that you sit on the Vässla bike. The test shows that the idea is quite good, but appears to be of little use in practice – at least in city traffic.

The rear part swings vigorously

Vässla wants to create a vehicle category between scooters and e-bikes with his bike. The black aluminum frame is very stable, but a bit unusual. With their 14 inch diameter (almost 36 centimeters), the wheels are more reminiscent of a folding bike.

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City bike, mountain bike, cargo bike?

You can sit comfortably on the wide and relatively soft saddle. During the ride, the rear part of the bike swings vigorously if there are bumps on the track. This is not dangerous because the bike can travel a maximum of 25 kilometers per hour. At least in the beginning, it’s kind of funny.

During the journey, your feet rest on two supports, which unfortunately can be folded back all too easily. It would be better if they clicked into place properly.

The bike is more of a short-distance ride

A small, easy-to-read LCD display on the left of the handlebar shows the current speed and the remaining battery charge in percent. Once fully charged, the bike can travel around 40 kilometers. But it is not actually intended for such routes. The Vässla Bike is more of a short-distance ride.

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Three driving modes can also be selected on the display, which is actually nonsensical. Because the highest mode goes up to a maximum of 25 kilometers per hour. Why should you set less when you regulate the speed with the rotating accelerator handle on the right-hand side of the handlebars anyway?

The battery is in the saddle tube – and luckily it can be easily pulled out when you fold up the saddle. A small lock on the saddle protects against theft of the battery.

In the apartment, it can then be recharged at a normal socket within four to five hours. This is a good solution because you don’t want to carry the bike up the stairs. Together with the battery, it weighs almost 27 kilograms.

Small motorcycle with all its consequences

The motor is housed in the rear wheel hub and creates a good suit. Unlike real electric scooters from Vespa, Unu or Niu, you don’t leave the cars at the traffic lights behind you, but you do leave one or the other cyclist.

However, that does not mean that you will not be overtaken by a cyclist a few meters further. Because even when it goes downhill, the Vässla bike brakes to its top speed.

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Conclusion: The Vässla Bike is a vehicle that is fun. And this is how Vässla shows it in its advertising, as an urban vehicle that young people cruise in.

But the manufacturer obviously didn’t think of the German legislature. Because in this country it is a moped with all the consequences: mandatory rear-view mirrors, mandatory motorcycle helmets, insurance plates and either a driver’s license or a moped test certificate. Only those who were born before April 1, 1965 need neither a driver’s license nor a test certificate.

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In addition, it is forbidden to ride the Vässla Bike on the cycle path. So it belongs on the street. And other road users don’t like it at all when they have to sneak behind a Vässla bike at 25 kilometers an hour.

In Berlin, this provoked some unpleasant overtaking maneuvers and horn attacks in the test. Since there is no question of using the bike path, only one thing helps: stay stubborn. Because you have to. And because you are allowed to. The Vässla Bike costs 1995 euros.



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