Vastu tips do not buy shoes and slippers on these days bad effect on luck ruin your wealth and prosperity | Vastu Tips: Do not buy sandals on these days for any reason… bad luck results

Vastu Tips: According to Vastu Shastra, footwear has an important place and influence in our life. Footwear is an essential item. But we buy it only when needed,

But, you know what? Footwear should not be bought every day. That means there are special days to buy shoes too. Keep these things in mind while buying shoes.

Luck in your life is related to shopping for shoes and sandals. That is, if you buy sandals on the right day, it will be good in your life. Sometimes buying shoes and sandals can lead you from fortune to misfortune. That means it is not advisable to buy shoes every day.

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And shoes on this dayNodequeues Do not purchase shoes and slippers on this day

According to Vastu Shastra, do not buy shoes or sandals on the days of Amavasi, Mars, Saturn and Eclipse under any circumstances. Buying shoes and sandals on this day will bring bad luck in the house. So don’t buy footwear on these days even by accident.

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Why not buy shoes on Saturday? (Why says do not purchase shoes and slippers on Saturday?)

Don’t buy shoes on Saturday. Because it is believed that Shani is directly related to the feet. Therefore, in the case of buying shoes on Saturday, Shani Dosha will increase and there will be misery and poverty in the house. Therefore, to avoid the wrath of Lord Shani, it is possible to avoid buying shoes and sandals on Saturdays.

Do not keep shoes and slippers in this place

Often people keep shoes and slippers under the bed. However, Vastu
According to science, you should never keep slippers and shoes under the bed where you sleep. This may cause health problems. Also, it can lead to deterioration of husband-wife relationship.

Discard unused damaged shoes, but remember this thng

Unused slippers and shoes should not be kept at home. We can leave them alone, but one thing must be noted. According to Vaastu, damaged shoes and sandals can be thrown out of the house on Saturday.

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