VAT match bonus, must it be returned? Who risks


Sweeping checks by the Revenue Agency, and there are those who risk having to return the € 600 VAT bonus provided by the Conte bis government in one of the first, terrible phases of the coronavirus emergency in Italy by the Conte bis government. The legal information site explains who could be deprived of the concession.

The checks, explains, will be carried out through an advanced artificial intelligence system and will involve all the holders of the VAT number recipients of the bonus: “It will be a real anti-cunning crackdown, after the episode, which caused so much indignation, of the parliamentarians who asked for the benefit. The aim is to ensure that those who were not supposed to receive the sums, but had them all the same, return to the tax authorities up to the last cent “.

If the inspections will ascertain that the bonus is not due, “the benefit – it still reads – will be revoked and a request for the return of the 600 euros will be sent to the person concerned. Refunds that will concern not only those who managed to obtain the relief with a trick , but also those who received the money for a clerical error of the provider “.

But the checks, still warns, “will not only concern the VAT bonus: they will be wide-ranging. This means that the aim is also to recover the taxes not yet paid to the tax authorities, extending the checks, in general, to the amounts due to the taxpayer to check his position towards the Treasury. In practice, it means that the figures that the Revenue Agency will ask for could be, in some cases, much higher than the 600 euro bonus “.

The verification system, he explains, “promises to be impressive: at least three hundred checks that the collection body plans to carry out every day, for a total of over one hundred thousand workers with VAT numbers within a year and 340 thousand over the period of three years. The goal is to recover 40 billion euros not paid “.


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