Vedika’s new play to bring Siddharth back: Family Lantern Review

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Kerala, First Published Nov 23, 2021, 4:47 PM IST

Kudumbavilakku Serial is a series that has touched the hearts of Malayalees by telling the story of broken family ties. The series dramatically tells the extraordinary life of a housewife named Sumithra. Sumitra’s husband, Sidharth, left Sumitra and remarried. But Siddharth has to regret it a lot. That is why Siddharth sends Vedika, who is married, to her house as part of a problem.

Knowing that Siddharth himself will not be called back, Vedic is looking for new ways to get back. Everyone knows that Vedic is pregnant through last day’s episode. But most wondered how a sudden pregnancy came about without a hitch. Siddharth’s mother and sister said that Siddharth was pregnant when he was reuniting with his ex – wife Sumitra.

It also says not to hurt the pregnant woman. They both told Siddharth to bring her. Accordingly, Siddharth is preparing to bring the stage together. Thus the series continues in a tense atmosphere.

The latest promo of the series has come as a shock to everyone. As everyone suspected, the pregnancy of the stage is a game. The series now tells the story of a stage fabricator to keep Siddharth on the line he draws. It is certain that everyone will know the truth in the very next day.

You will see the new promo

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