Vela, for Miceli and Girelli is a record in Ventotene-Carthage

Rome, March 17 (

Matteo Miceli and Mario Girelli on board ECO 40 triumph in the Wally Record Ventotene-Carthage with 39 minutes and 49 seconds less than the time set in 2009 by Andrea Mura with his Vento di Sardegna, setting the new one in 31 hours and 31 seconds. Wally Record, on the distance of 277 nautical miles.

Starting from Ventotene on Monday 15 March at 7 59’09 ” and arriving in Sidi Bou Said / Carthage on 16 March at 14 59’40 ”, the two champions traveled the Ventotene-Carthage route with Eco 40, an ecological 40-footer and self-sufficient, car built by Matteo, facing adverse marine weather conditions. “We started with a favorable wind at a 90 ° angle that immediately made us glide and the wave helped us but halfway the wind slows down and turns us in the bow. The last part was really tiring because the wind we expected to turn remained of a wide windward and for more than 150 miles with wind always above 35 knots with gusts up to 50 and a wave of 5 meters ”, explain the winners.

Once again the collaboration between the Tunisian Sailing Federation and the Italian Sailing Federation, between the regatta judges, the Tunisian and Italian Sailing Clubs involved, the Circolo Velico Ventotene, the sponsors allowed the success of the initiative and the affirmation of a efficient cooperation. In not many hours eco 40 will point the bow again towards Italy. In Rome, the crew will be given the Wally Record Ventotene-Cartagine Cup which will hold it until the next challenge.


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