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Chennai: The Chennai High Court quashed the case filed against ADMK, former minister Velumani, for committing irregularities in awarding ‘tender’ for Chennai and Coimbatore Corporation works.

At the same time, the High Court refused to quash the case registered for adding property in excess of income.

In the Chennai and Coimbatore Municipal Corporations, the Arapor Movement and DMK leader RS ​​Bharti filed a case in the High Court, alleging that crores of malpractice had taken place in the issuance of tenders for various works.

Subsequently, in January 2019, the government gave permission to the anti-bribery department to conduct a preliminary investigation. Investigation was handed over to DSP, Shankar.

Then, following the order of the High Court, the investigation was handed over to IPS officer Ponni. He conducted an investigation and submitted a report. The ADMK government accepted the report and dropped the action.


Following the regime change, IPS officer Gangadhar conducted a fresh preliminary investigation and submitted a report.

The day after the report came to the government, in August 2021, the government gave permission to file a case against Velumani. Subsequently, the Anti-Bribery Department registered a case.

In March 2022, Coimbatore anti-bribery police registered a case against Velumani and 12 others for adding more property to income.

Former Minister Velumani filed petitions in the High Court to quash these cases. The petitions came up for hearing before a bench comprising Justices PN Prakash and Deekaraman.

On behalf of Velumani, Senior Advocates Raju, Siddharthaway, Advocates J. Karuppaiah, V. Elangovan; On behalf of the Government and Anti-Corruption Department, Advocate General Shanmugasundaram, Chief Criminal Prosecutor Hasan Muhammad Jinnah, Advocate V. Suresh, RS Bharati and Senior Advocate NR Ilango appeared on behalf of the Arapor Movement.


In this case, the order passed by Justices PN Prakash, Deekaraman:

In the complaint filed by Arapor Movement and RS Bharati, it has been stated that the contracts were awarded by Superintending Engineers and Chief Engineers of the Corporations.

In awarding the contracts, Velumani did not state that he was the authority.

It is alleged that contracts were awarded to Velumani’s proxies, one of whom was Velumani’s brother. Democracy needs politicians and political parties.

The party in power cannot allow the trend of using power to hunt down their political opponents.

The police are also swayed by the movement of the party in power. Officer Ponni released Velumani and Officer Gangadhar contacted him and gave a statement.

If Gangadhar had conducted a preliminary investigation to find out the nexus between the contractors and Velumani, the case against Velumani would have been justified.

In the First Information Report, Velumani and private contractors have been named.

There is no headquarters

It did not mention the Corporation officials who considered and awarded the tender. Since then, even in the preliminary enquiry, he could not trace the authorities involved in awarding the contracts.

In the First Information Report, it was not stated that Velumani was the one who considered and awarded the contracts.

We do not say that the allegations made in the First Information Statement do not warrant investigation; There was no preliminary inquiry to implicate Velumani in the case.

In its entirety, we have not canceled the First Information Statement. A first information report discloses that a crime has been committed; However, there is insufficient evidence to link Velumani in the case.

Therefore, the case against him is quashed. Meanwhile, the Investigating Officer may continue the investigation.

If he collects fresh evidence to implicate Velumani, he may be included in the final report.

Based on the petitions filed by Velumani during the last elections in 2016 and 2021, the investigating officer estimated the assets to be Rs 58.23 crore.

The property details in the names of Velumani and his relatives have been collected and a case has been registered based on that.

This Court cannot inquire whether the petitions filed before the Election Commission are correct.

If there is any defect in it, it can be brought to the attention of the investigating officer.

Therefore, there is no reason to interfere in this case registered by Anti-Corruption Department, Coimbatore. Therefore, the petition seeking to quash the asset accumulation case is dismissed.

The judges have ordered this.

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