Venice, the reasons for the protest against the G20 of the economy: “The funds allocated for the pandemic must be used with different logics from the past”

“States are not vassals of the market”. The hundreds of demonstrators who marched through the streets of Milan this afternoon say so Venezia to protest against the G20 of the economy and finance. A variegated procession organized by the “We Are Tide” network which saw the presence of the grassroots unions, gods No Tav of the Val di Susa, of the committees “Stop al Biocidio“Campania, of the committee No Big Ships of Venice and other Italian realities.

“These summits are still based on the myth of economic growth as GDP growth, but we are close to it, growth should be associated with well-being” he says Anna Clara, of the “We are tide” network. The message to the G20 ministers is to “allocate the funds that are coming with the pandemic no longer according to the logic of the current economic system – he concludes Marco, of the No Grandi Navi Committee – we ask for a minimum wage and that the antics of the 15% global tax be changed ”.

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