Venice, the teacher against the top in the gym: “Girls distract males”. High school girls: “Change your mentality, don’t get dressed”

The teacher of physical education takes sides against the girls who go to the gym in their tops and they respond with a banner: “Change your mind, not your clothes”. It happens at the Marco Polo artistic high school in Venice. The professor argued that “in motion, girls should hide their shapes in order not to attract attention and do not distract male companions“, A phrase that aroused the immediate reaction of the Polo-Las collective. The girls showed up to school with sports top and banners and the students put up protest signs in support of their schoolmates.

“The prof argues that girls have to cover their shapes in order not to attract attention to themselves and not to distract their male companions and has threatened to put a note if at the next classes the girls will show up again with sporty tops, considered by prof unsuitable for a school context. We find scandalous e disrespectful against us that the teachers force us to change our clothes rather than change the mentality of other people ”, say the girls of the collective.

The action didn’t end with the flash mob. The students gathered in an assembly not to drop the matter and continue with the protest. “We live in a city and a society where we are used to being afraid, when we go out on the street in the evening, when we are in a club and we know that someone just because of how we are dressed could pretend to have a relationship with us, to be able to boo or harass“, Say the girls. “With today’s initiative we wanted to reiterate that we are no longer willing to be afraid, we want to make every space we cross safe, starting from school to get to the streets and spaces of our city”, they conclude.

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