Vesto raised $ 300 million, a bull-tech that invested in it jumps

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The Israeli company Vesttoo, which develops technology in the field of risk management, has completed a B round of raising $ 15 million at a value of about $ 300 million. R&D Partnership

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Invested in the company earlier in April this year in the amount of about $ 2 million at a value of about $ 20 million – so its profit is significant. Shor-Tech’s current value in Vesto is estimated at $ 18 million. However this is a small partnership, so one should not necessarily be impressed by the jump in the stock today.

Vesttoo has developed technology in the field of risk management, which allows insurance companies and reinsurers to transfer their insurance risks to the capital market through the use of financial instruments for investment. These devices are built using artificial intelligence, which assesses the risks of insurance companies objectively and allows them to price their risks. Vesttoo’s goal is to solve the problem of the need to seize capital according to the type and scope of activity and in accordance with regulatory requirements.

The round of funding was led by Santander Bank through its investment arm at Fintech and venture capital fund Mouro Capital. They also participated in the raising of the corporate venture capital fund of the MS&AD insurance group. To date, Vesttoo has raised $ 23 million.

Ran Tzurur, CEO of Shur-Tech Investments: “I welcome the significant investment round in Vesttoo. We are pleased that Shor-Tech’s orderly strategy to invest in companies when we can see a flood of value for our investors. We hope to see further value flooding in the rest of our target companies alongside additional investments made.”

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