Vetrimaaran about raja raja cholan : According to Vetrimaaran, is Raja Raja Cholan not a Hindu?… Then why did he build the Shiva temple?

First Published Oct 3, 2022, 11:02 AM IST

Raja Raja Cholan: While director Vethimaran’s statement that Raja Raja Cholan is being portrayed as a Hindu king is being taken away from our identity, let’s look at the background.

Ponni’s Selvan is a film about the Cholas. The release of the film was expected to run into controversies. But the film has been successful without getting into any kind of controversies. But director Vetermaran’s talk about Raja Raja Cholan in a recent program has created a lot of buzz and has become a topic of conversation on social media as well.

Apart from this, if Raja Raja Cholan is not a Hindu, is he a Muslim or a Christian or a Buddhist? Although this is on the one hand, there is also a voice of support for Vetrimaran on the other hand that what he said is right.

Some say that Vetrimaran’s statement that Raja Raja Chola was not a Hindu is true, the reason being that Raja Raja Chola lived a thousand years ago. Saivism, Vaishnavism and Buddhism existed in that period. Hinduism is a religion that eventually came under the rule of the whites.


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