“Via Speranza? If you only see red, yes”

by time news

Time.news – Should the Minister of Health Speranza remain in his post ?: “If he does his job, yes, if he only plays politics, seeing only red and continuing to talk about closures, closures, closures, no”. Thus the leader of the League, Matteo Salvini, on Tg5. “If with the reopening I fear the rise in infections? The Italians have been patient for a year, they have shown respect, generosity, solidarity”, Salvini reasoned, who added: “Now that with the vaccination plan we run, no more Arcuri and with Figliuolo, returning to work, the right to life, sport, music, health, music, volunteering must be a heritage of all Italians, also removing the curfew at 10 pm “,

Today the Minister of Health returned to the theme of reopening: “We are in a different situation, we can afford some openings, we aimed at outdoor spaces in the month of May. We have chosen the school that I believe is the architrave of our company from to leave again to give a signal of trust to our children up to now in dad. There are a few weeks left to the end of the school year, we want the boys to be back in attendance. Shall we take a little risk? an element of risk, a reasoned risk and for this reason I ask for a hand “, he said at half an hour more on Rai3.

“The rt of contagion depends on our behavior – he added – and by being boring, I think that when a new phase opens from April 26, we will need even more attention. We need everyone’s help. And I think that in a few months we will have higher vaccination numbers that will allow us to go towards normality “.

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