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GTI is one of the distinguished video games in this field, as it is one of the action games that has a special place around the world, and the GTI game is one of the three-dimensional games, and it gives all its users in open cities the enjoyment of imaginary graphics in addition to In addition, they can ride different vehicles in order to roam around American cities in order to perform many exciting missions that all users play in this game.

GTA specifications

The GTA game needs to provide some settings in order to be installed on the computer, and among the specifications we mention:

You need a random memory with a capacity of up to 8 GB, in addition to the presence of a processor with a capacity of 2 GB, as for the Windows operating system that requires it, it is 10 or Windows 7, and the processor is Intel Core i5 3470, while the image card is Dir 10, and the storage capacity 107 GB.

It is worth noting that the GTI game has become available on all devices that have high capabilities, because the game has imaginary graphics, so that the player can play the game in an easy way and enjoy it without getting bored, in addition to the presence of many advanced missions, as well as riding various cars of all kinds. Streets of New York and Miami.

How to know if a GT game will run or not

There are some steps that you must initially follow in order to know whether the game will be played on your account or not, including:
Go directly to theft Auto V page, from there click on the Can You Run It icon, then you have to choose Automatic, and click on the Start box, you have to download the program from the site and click on install it, as that program gives you access to your device And when you return to the site, click on the Can You Run It box, and choose the View box, wait a while and you will be taken to a page that contains all the requirements, and if you find a check mark in front of all the requirements, here you can use and download the game.

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