Al-Marsad newspaper: A geriatric consultant revealed that there are medicines we use that are classified as anti-aging, including breast cancer drugs, as well as a sugar regulator, which is classified as an anti-aging because it prevents oxidation.

And he pointed out, during his talk to the 120 program on Al-Ekhbariya channel, that the more we preserve the prevention of oxidation in our cells, the more we can preserve the lifespan of DNA.

He explained: “It is the last part of the DNA that determines the lifespan of a person. If life dies, the life of the person ends, pointing out that people who have a long life will have the last part of the DNA that is coherent, and if it erodes, the life of the person ends.

He continued: “Women live longer than men, men die for many reasons, including work accidents, and genes are also considered to affect the longevity of women over men.

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