Video: a referee was attacked in an amateur league and was left unconscious on the ground

Video: a referee was attacked in an amateur league and was left unconscious on the ground

2023-08-21 17:55:44

Once again, a referee was attacked during a soccer match. It happened in an amateur league in Córdoba when the judge of the match was preparing to admonish a player and it all ended in violence. The man fell to the ground and was unconscious for several minutes.

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The dramatic scene took place on Sunday afternoon in the city of San Francisco del Chañar. There, the local team, La Franciscana, faced Peñarol de Chuña for the Ischilín League.

According to the accounts of the witnesses, the game passed calmly until minute 41 of the second half, when the match was 1-0 in favor of the local team, the situation became violent.

The man suffered a severe blow to the face. (Photo: Capture)

Pablo contreras, number 11 of the visiting team, claimed a foul against him. Given this, the referee, Carlos Saire, went for a sanction, but he barely turned around when he received a headbutt that left him unconscious on the ground.

“I was very dizzy, I lost consciousness. Apparently everything is fine. It cut my lip inside and out,” said the victim of the attack in dialogue with Radio Comunitaria La Plaza.

At first, Saire was transferred to the local Municipal Hospital, but he had to be taken to the San José de la Dormida health center to carry out the corresponding studies. There they found that he had no serious injuries.

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Contreras, for his part, was intercepted by police officers when he was leaving the place in his car and was detained.

The journalist Lucas Cornejo, who was at the scene, explained in dialogue with El Doce that the game “was calm” and that the attack occurred “out of context”, but added that the Peñarol de Chuña players assured him that the referee he had insulted the player.

However, when asked about these testimonies, Saire said: “At no time did I insult the player. At the expulsion he asks me for a foul and when I turn, he insults me. I turn to send him off and he hits me with his head, there was nothing else”.

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