Video: Berlin climate neutral by 2030?

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STORY: A few days before the referendum, supporters of the “Berlin 2030 Climate Neutral” initiative are fighting for every vote. The name says it all – within the next seven years, the federal capital is to fulfill its commitments to climate protection. So far, the Berlin Energy Transition Act provides for making Berlin climate-neutral by 2045. Next Sunday, the Berliners should decide. In order to implement the request, at least 25 percent of them must vote ‘yes’. “25 percent is of course a huge hurdle. That corresponds to over 608,000 people in Berlin. We already had over 400,000 postal ballot applications beforehand, so more than 400,000 people requested voting documents.” There is no political demand to be voted on, but a concrete and permissible bill, says Davis. “It is a legally binding order for politicians. And if we actually have a GroKo now, it looks very much like it, it is all the more important that the decision is now positive. Because, if we look at how the SPD and CDU have voted in climate policy in the past, if we look at the election programs, we unfortunately cannot assume that a GroKo will work for a climate-friendly future in our city that is worth living in. That’s why it’s all the more important that we give them this job.” The campaign met with approval from some passers-by who spoke to the activists that day. “I think that by 2030 Berlin should be carbon neutral due to the fact that we only have this earth and therefore also have to take care of what’s with it.” “Well, I’ll definitely vote ‘yes’ on March 26, because I think it makes a lot of sense that if politicians – like in the last few decades – just don’t do enough about the climate crisis, they just say, let’s take it as citizens into their own hands.” Felix Creutzig, on the other hand, is more ambivalent. The professor from the Technical University of Berlin heads a working group at the climate think tank MCC and co-wrote a chapter of the latest Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change report. He wants to vote ‘yes’ – but with stomach ache: “This stomach ache comes from the fact that the 2030 goal is very unrealistic. It is very, very difficult to achieve this goal. But at the same time it is also very important, now with climate protection policy to start, which will at least reach climate neutrality in the thirties. And to build up this pressure, I think it’s right that this referendum exists.” The initiative focuses on three main sectors in Berlin: transport, buildings and energy. Above all, Creutzig sees opportunities through the use of heat pumps for the district heating network and for homeowners in the outskirts. If Berlin wanted to be climate-neutral, there would also be major changes in the transport sector. More cycle paths, fewer parking spaces, in principle an emission-free inner city. On Sunday, the course for the future will be decided.


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