VIDEO. Mohamed Haouas sentenced for domestic violence: the images of the attack revealed

VIDEO.  Mohamed Haouas sentenced for domestic violence: the images of the attack revealed

2023-06-01 15:21:00

A woman runs, scared. In pursuit, Mohamed Haouas, his 85 meter and 127 kg. The woman’s name is Imane, and she is his wife. A kick in the leg to knock her down, he punches her in the face before lifting her up and forcing her to follow him. On the CCTV images of the Polygone shopping center in Montpellier, captured on Friday May 26 and that Le Parisien obtained, we learn a little more about the attack by Mohamed Haouas on his wife Imane. For this violence, the right pillar of the XV of France (16 selections) was sentenced to 1 year in prison suitable for conversion.

During his hearing in immediate appearance Tuesday, May 30, Mohamed Haouas tried to justify his gesture, explaining that he had seen her smoking a cigarette at her workplace: “She did not tell me the truth, it is that the problem. I said to myself: if she can lie for the cigarette, she can lie for something else”. “I have always done everything for my family and there, they want to work, have a social life. I have a good salary, I would prefer that she not work. I’m afraid of losing her, I have suspicions that torment me. But I got carried away, I blame myself, ”he added.

The pillar of Montpellier, champion of France in 2022, had already been sentenced this year to 18 months in prison suspended and 15,000 euros fine for robberies in 2014. He is also on trial for acts of violence in meetings, dating also from 2014 and faces a 2-year suspended prison sentence. Judgment will be rendered on June 30.

On the sports side, Mohamed Haouas was to join Clermont next season. But following this affair, the ASM indicated that the player will not “wear the colors of the club”. Tipped to participate in the World Cup which will take place in France from September 8 to October 28, the right pillar will not wear the jersey of the XV of France.

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