Video .. terrifying facts about Venus, “Earth’s evil twin”

Video .. terrifying facts about Venus, “Earth’s evil twin”

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Venus and Earth are sometimes called “twins” because they are about the same size and the two planets are believed to have formed in the same inner part of the solar system.

It is known that Venus is actually Earth’s closest neighbor. Therefore, scientists suggested that they were composed of the same material in the same part of the solar system. But an event? In the past, the “twins” went down two completely different paths, until we called Venus “Earth’s evil brother” or “Earth’s evil twin” because of its harsh weather.

And NASA released a new video showing how Venus is Earth’s “evil twin”.

This video looks at some of the scary and weird aspects of Venus. First: the runaway greenhouse effect

The clip also shows that the huge atmosphere, which is 24 kilometers thick, consists of carbon dioxide and contains clouds of sulfuric acid that contribute to global warming. The planet also generates enough heat to melt lead.

The temperature on the surface of Venus exceeds 480 degrees Celsius (900 degrees Fahrenheit), Laurie Glaze, director of planetary sciences at NASA, said in the video.

Glaze added: “It’s a crazy place, but a very interesting place. We really want to understand why Venus is different from Earth.”

So scientists and engineers from NASA and the European Space Agency are preparing to send three new missions to the second planet in our solar system. The three missions will set out to Venus over the next decade or so to learn more about how Venus formed, how the planet evolved and what makes it so different from Earth.


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