In order to strengthen the fire prevention safety during the Qingming festival, the Fire Department of the Kaohsiung City Government dispatched super cute “Fire Search and Rescue Dogs” to shoot a 30-second short video. When an NG dangerous situation occurs, the search and rescue dog “Wangwang Barking” will promptly remind it, and end with “Safety is not compromised”, reminding citizens to pay attention to fire safety when sweeping tombs and worshiping ancestors, so that the company will be safe and sound.

The Qingming holiday is coming this week, and many people not only plan outings with their families, but also arrange tomb-sweeping trips for their ancestors. “Wheat is burning!” is the voice that many firefighters want to express most during the Ching Ming Festival. The reason is that when people sweep tombs and worship their ancestors, they often use wrong methods such as fire attack to clear weeds out of greed for convenience. Be aware that there is not only the risk of the fire spreading, but in serious cases, it may cause a mountain of fire. In addition, the burning of incense or gold paper does not extinguish the embers before people leave. Once the wind blows, it is also prone to fire.

For this purpose, the Gaoshi Fire Department carefully selected four search and rescue dogs, namely “Tanba”, “Zoey”, “Aka” and “Roger”, which have passed the international “advanced” certification, to serve as this year’s Qingming Festival. The advocacy ambassador, with a cute appearance that melts people’s hearts, coupled with cute movements and a super energetic “Wangwang call”, reminds the public that they must abide by the “4 don’ts and 2 remembers” when worshiping ancestors during the Qingming Festival.

The Fire Department stated that this is the first time the bureau has shot a promotional video with search and rescue dogs as the main characters, hoping to bring a new experience. It is not difficult to shoot firefighters, but it is a challenge to shoot search and rescue dogs. Even though the obedience of search and rescue dogs is higher than that of ordinary dogs, in order to shoot, from the angle, movement, posture and expression of search and rescue dogs, it must be trial and error many times. In order to capture the necessary shots, more importantly, the mood of the search and rescue dogs must also be taken into account.

Fire Chief Wang Zhiping said that search and rescue dogs have always played the role of “spiritual teammates” at disaster sites, such as the 2009 Morakot disaster, the 2014 Kaohsiung gas explosion, and the 2018 Hualien Yunmen Cuidi Building earthquake collapse. Figures constantly shuttled through the scene of the disaster. The 4 search and rescue dogs that participated in the filming have all passed the advanced test of the national disaster search and rescue dog IRO national evaluation test, and they are all elites of the special forces level among search and rescue dogs.

The Fire Department specifically appeals that firefighters will be on standby at any time during the Ching Ming Festival. In addition to distributing water bags to the main cemeteries in the city for public use in conjunction with publicity and publicity, and implementing fire prevention publicity, we hope to let the public understand through the video that “weeding does not use fire”, “Don’t fly paper money”, “Don’t set off firecrackers”, and “Don’t litter cigarette butts”, these are the four taboos of fire prevention during the Qingming Festival. After sweeping the tomb and worshiping the ancestors, you must remember the two key actions of “putting out the embers” and “taking away the garbage”, so as not to let the embers have a chance to ignite.