Viennese museums show nudes on the Onlyfans erotic platform

EActually, it is people who undress on the Onlyfans platform. Now a city has also registered there. “Do you like to see Vienna bared?” Asks the city’s tourist association “Wien Tourismus”, promoting visitors to visit the city. Because the Viennese museums are open again – and with them their most popular exhibits can also be seen: the nudes of his most famous artists.

But that’s one thing with nudes: their freedom of movement is often erotically charged. And even if it is not pornography and it still depends on how you perceive what is depicted, the works have often been censored by social media platforms.

But not only in the time in which they were created – we also know the problem from the recent past, says Isabella Rauter from the Vienna Tourist Board. The Viennese museums have repeatedly had problems in recent years using nudes from Viennese Modernism to advertise their exhibitions on social media: In the Austrian commemorative year 2018, the city also wanted to use posters to advertise its art museums internationally. But Facebook deleted the pictures. In the same year, the case of Venus von Willendorf attracted a lot of attention: the photo of the 25,000-year-old figure, the pride of the Natural History Museum, was classified as pornographic by Facebook and removed. A year later, the Albertina Museum first had to convince an Instagram manager that it was art for an exhibition on “Rubens to Makart”.

Not much has changed

There were then lively debates about guidelines and artistic freedom. Since then, according to Rauter, not much has changed: The Leopold Museum has not been able to advertise this year’s anniversary with Koloman Moser’s lovers. And the Tiktok profile of the Albertina Museum was blocked completely: a naked female breast was visible in the work of the Japanese photographer Nobuyoshi Araki. The museum had to create and curate a new account.

An Egyptian phallus figurine from the Kunsthistorisches Museum Vienna

Image: Screenshot FAZ Onlyfans / Viennatouristboard / Kunsthistorisches Museum Wien

In order to be able to show which supposedly suggestive exhibits they are exhibiting, the Albertina and the Leopold Museum have teamed up with the Museum of Art and Natural History in Vienna and compiled the deleted works of art, which are now curated by the tourism agency on Onlyfans. For a subscription you get a museum ticket – but you have to be of legal age to register with Onlyfans.



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