Vigil for Sarah Everald, who is Patsy Stevenson, the girl thrown to the ground by the police

“I went to support the right of women, of all women, of cwalking on the street without fear“. With her red hair, Patsy Stevenson she is the woman whose image has gone around the world. Saturday night she had traveled to Clapham to pay her respects to Sarah Everard, who was kidnapped and killed in early March on her way home on foot. “I wasn’t doing anything. I was standing there, I wanted to put my bouquet of flowers with the others, I didn’t have time ». Stevenson was surrounded by police officers, pulled, pushed to the ground, immobilized, handcuffed. The photo ended up on the front pages of all British newspapers, the video on TV, on Internet sites, on social networks. “I am 1.58 m tall, weigh nothing, yet I found several officers on my back.”

Today, with the distance of the next day, Stevenson pointed out of ndo not want to shift attention to the treatment you received from the police or on the ill-judged intervention in the Clapham vigil. He would be happy, he specified, to speak with Cressida Dick, Metropolitan Police Commissioner General, at the helm of Scotland Yard for just over four years, but “the real issue is the safety of women.” For this he invited everyone to a demonstration at 5 pm on Monday in front of the Parliament (which to all intents and purposes would constitute a violation of the anti-Covid rules on gatherings).

“Women don’t feel safe, I think walking down the street is the least we should be allowed, it’s disconcerting that this has been going on for so long.” Stevenson, student and actress, said she had received a fine of £ 200. “When they stopped me, the officers told me they wanted my name and address and that in return they would only have fined me. But I don’t know what I was fined for and whether to pay the fine or not ».

March 14, 2021 (change March 14, 2021 | 19:25)

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