Kochi: PT locks up drug lobby in the city Committees will be formed. Councilors under the leadership of Police Station House Officers, Excise Self Help Group, Voluntary Organizations, and Residents Associations Age representatives will be on the committee. At the highest level meeting convened by the decision of the Municipal Council Fire No.

Councilor Kajal Salim on the issue of increasing drug use The chairmanship of the council was brought to the attention of the council. Awareness campaign on alcohol and drugs Education Council of the City Council for activities related to excise. The committee will be in charge.

Drug-related police inspections in all public places It was also decided to tighten the gauntlet. Anil Kumar, Narcotics Cell AC. Commissioner K.A. Abdul Salam, Excise Circle Inspector Sajeev Kumar, Deputy Mayor R. K. A. Presented by Ansia, Councilors Raja Kajal Saleem and Henry Austin. .

I can not wait

If you have any information related to drugs, please contact the police on 9995966666 The public can be contacted at this phone number. The personal information of the informant is shared on this number No need to. Assure the police that the information will be kept confidential and confidential. നു ണ്ട്.

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