Vikrant on Vijay | Vikranth About Vijay In Survivor

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The Survivor show airing on Zee Tamil TV has been well received by the people. The show is hosted by actor Arjun. The show has seemed a bit unfocused in recent episodes, with 18 contestants taking the field and going through several eliminations. Also, as the days go by the competitions and challenges are going hard. Also, Commander Vijay’s brother and actor Vikrant was a contestant on their Survivor show.

Actor Vikrant has a separate fan base that is hyped because they have been playing well on the Survivor show. Vikrant is one of the most popular actors in the world of Tamil cinema. He made his debut in Tamil cinema with the film Karka Kasatara. He has acted in many films since then. In this case, Vikrant has said something about Vijay that only his family knows.

During the show, Vikrant talked to his brother Vijay from time to time. But what Vikrant is talking about now about Vijay is sentimental. In it he says that Vijay Anna has done a lot of help for me and my family. We were in a situation where we could not even pay the rent. The landlord will come and sometimes scold you for not being able to pay the rent.

All this is still in my memory. Then Vijay Anna helped us buy a new house. Vijay is my brother. No one will do anything like this these days though. Will it do the same? I do not know that. I will never forget what Vijay Anna did in my life. He never said thank you for what he did at the time. He was saying that he would like to say at this moment.


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