Villarreal beat Manutd on penalties and won the Europa League

AGI – Villarreal therefore wins the 2020/2021 Europa League, beating in the very long series of penalty kicks Manchester United. In Gdansk it ends 12-11 after the 1-1 in regulation time with the back and forth between Moreno and Cavani.

This is the first former Uefa Cup trophy for the Spaniards, the fourth won by Unai Emery in the five finals played (previously 3 wins with Sevilla, 1 defeat with Arsenal).

Rulli’s parade on his colleague De Gea decides on the 22nd shot from the spot, with no previous mistakes.

The start of the race is all in favor of the Red Devils, who with determination and a lot of high blood pressure they put the Spanish formation in difficulty. The first ring is from McTominay, the second from Shaw, but at the first big chance on an inactive ball it is Villarreal who unlocks it close to the half hour: Parejo puts in the middle a nice ball on a free kick, Gerard Moreno runs away to the opponent’s marking and with a touch in front of goal he beats De Gea for 1-0.

In the second half, Manchester immediately tried to raise the pace and in the 55th minute found the draw with Matador Cavani, who pounced on a loose ball in the area resulting from a shot by Rashford, placing the paw that puts everything back in balance on 1-1. The men of Solskjaer take even more courage and gain the field, making themselves seen several times (but with no luck) around Rulli. Emery’s team, on the other hand, is in difficulty, as they are no longer able to scare the English rearguard. Torres tries only in the final, but he kicks high on the last occasion of regular time.

In extra time the match loses intensity and you get to penalty kicks without any particular scoring chances created. In the series from the spot clear path for both teams with the first 5 shooters, then it continues indefinitely. They all continue to score, the first to make a mistake is De Gea on the eleventh pitch with Rulli who saves and gives the dream to Villarreal.



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