Villarruel defended himself against an accusation from Petri, but official records deny it

Villarruel defended himself against an accusation from Petri, but official records deny it

2023-09-21 19:22:46

The section of last night’s debate dedicated to Security, Defense and Justice ended when Luis Petri (Together for Change) surprised with an accusation against Victoria Villarruel (La Libertad Avanza): “In my town they call those who do not present projects ‘gnocchi’ and that is what you are after 20 months of not having presented a single Security project.”

It was one of the most tense moments of the vice presidential candidate debate. “The projects are on the Congress page. If you, Luis, didn’t read them, it’s not my problem. Don’t talk nonsense too,” Milei’s vice presidential candidate responded.

The crossing between Petri and Villarruel on security projects

In fact, the website of the National Congress details each of the deputies’ projects and in the case of Villarruel, it gives an account of 17 initiatives subscribed by her. None of the projects signed by Villarruel is about Security. This can be corroborated in the official page.

They appear with his signature from the repeal of the rental law and the indigenous territorial law, to the declaration of “national hero to marine lieutenant colonel Luis Piedra Buena Rodríguez” and the institution of “the 40th week of each year as National Postpartum Week.”

Petri told him: “Yes, I read them. “There is not a single Security project.” She denied it: “The truth is that I had you in another dimension, but if you want to match the rampant madness that some have, there is no drama.”

“There is not a single security project,” Petri insisted. “I can give you mine.”

They then got into a discussion in which one responded to the other before he finished his sentence. “It doesn’t matter yours right now, did you manage to pass them?” “Yes, several were approved. “I can give them to you.” “What interests me is that we talk about security policy and here the only thing the candidates can do is personalize.” The block ended and they did not talk about it again.

The notable thing is that later, on social networks, those who made the crossing viral were Villarruel’s followers. They brandished it as a triumph for her candidate.

Ramiro Marra, candidate for head of the Buenos Aires government of La Libertad Avanza, went further: he falsified the content of the discussion that the vice presidential candidates had had. Marra said: “Yesterday Luis Petri lied saying that VickyVillarruel did not present any bill in Congress, which could be verified simply by entering the deputies’ website.” And furthermore, with these arguments, he added: “Yesterday it was demonstrated that the pact is between Kirchnerism and JxC to attack liberalism.”

These are the 17 projects that appear on the website of the National Congress presented by Villarruel:

1. Rentals. Law 27,551. Repeal.

2. Recognition of all personnel who participate or have participated in peace missions of the United Nations Organization.

3. Create the “Prevention of addictions in pregnancy” program.

4. Ethics in the exercise of public office. Law 25,188. Incorporation of article 4 bis, on sworn declaration of addictions.

5. Prohibition to cancel and/or suspend the unique tax identification code -CUIT- of any natural or legal person without express judicial authorization.

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6. Economic deregulation for productive development. Regime. Modification and repeal of various laws.

7. Institute the 40th week of each year as the “National Postpartum Week”.

8. Establish October 5 of each year as “National Day of the Victims of Terrorism in Argentina.”

9. Marine Lieutenant Colonel Miguel Luis Piedra Buena Rodríguez was declared a national hero.

10. The tax on personal property provided by article 16 of Law 23966 is repealed.

11. Tax procedure – law 11683 -. Modification of article 11, on determination and collection of taxes, sworn declaration and administrative settlement of the tax.

12. Indigenous territorial emergency – law 26160 -. Repeal.

13. Supply – law 20680 -. Repeal.

14. Competitiveness – law 25413 -. Repeal.

15. Fire management – law 26815 -. Modifications on special import procedures for forestry and rural fire fighting equipment.

16. Customs code – law 22415 -. Repeal of articles 755 and 756, on export duties.

17. Value added tax – law 23349 -. Modification of article 28, on application of the rate to various products.


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