Vina who cares for a single moment; Shocking Accidents (Video)

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Abu Dhabi: Abu Dhabi Police warn against violating traffic rules and reckless driving. Abu Dhabi Police have issued a warning on the occasion of International Day of Road Accident Victims with an awareness video.

The police said in a statement that careless driving can lead to serious road accidents and caution should be exercised on the road at all times. Police are reminded to always follow traffic rules to ensure their own safety on the road and the safety of others.

Police have released video footage of some of the accidents on their official Twitter page to convince them of how traffic violations and negligence on the road can lead to accidents. Police have released footage from surveillance cameras.

These are accidents that have occurred in various parts of Abu Dhabi due to the negligence of drivers. The video also shows paramedics rushing critically injured people to ambulances in stretchers.


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