Vinh Long man won the jackpot, suddenly owning more than 320 billion dong, immediately took action to make everyone respect | Life – Entertainment

Vinh Long man won the jackpot, suddenly owning more than 320 billion dong, immediately took action to make everyone respect |  Life – Entertainment

2023-05-26 09:28:00

In Tra On (Vinh Long) – the poor countryside suddenly sprouted a magnificent villa with a towering white tower that surprised the public. Someone even asked the question: “who is the owner?, where is the money to build?”… But just coming here, asking anyone will get the same answer because all are clear. first about the rich “story” of the owner of the villa.

“This is the countryside of the Khmer people – very poor and the main work is farming or hired labor. More than 8 years ago, a man returned from Australia with a “super” amount of money to buy land and build a villa and tower. This person also spends money to build roads and pagodas so that people can have a place to participate in religious activities. We here all know and respect his and his wife’s way of life – rich but not arrogant, pretending…”, a resident living in Tra On district said.

The villa and the big tower grew up in the middle of the poor village.

And the owner of a huge fortune is Thach Ly Sun (47 years old), with a round face, dark skin and a very simple style of dress. Therefore, whoever meets him for the first time will not be able to believe that he is the richest man in Vinh Long province.

At the beginning of the story, Mr. Thach Ly Sun briefly introduced the white tower: “I built this tower in 2016 with a floor area of ​​256m2.2. There are two contractors involved in construction for a long time.

I don’t remember the specific cost to build it, but the cost is about 1 billion VND, materials are more than 1 billion VND and a few more minor things. I estimate the total value of the tower is 3 billion dong.

The total cost to build the villa and the tower is more than 23 billion VND.

Many people will be surprised to see the giant building the tower with a small amount of money and wonder the purpose of use. Because according to Khmer culture, there will be temples in the village to operate the cultural beliefs of the nation. “I built the tower to keep the bones and worship the deceased relatives. This is the coffin I prepared to put my mother’s bones in.

I am currently worshiping my mother’s ashes at my house, and I plan to bring it here next year. My mother just passed away, I want to let her stay close to her children and grandchildren for a while longer,” said the Western giant.

Referring to the reason why he kept the ashes of the deceased in the house, Mr. Sun said that Khmer people have been attached to temples since birth until they died. Therefore, when they die, they are often cremated, put their remains in the tower at the temple, and reunite with their ancestors. He has the conditions to build his own tower, so he will worship his parents in the house for a while, waiting for a good day to come to the tower to worship.

Regarding the large villa, Mr. Sun said that construction began in December 2014 and took 3 years to complete. The interior of the house is all red wood, from the stairs to the ceiling, tables and chairs, cabinets… “I don’t even remember how much money I spent to build the villa. I estimate about 20 billion, “said the giant.

Thach Ly Sun (red shirt).

“Where do you have the money to build a villa and a church tower with your parents?”, when asked, the nearly 50-year-old man was not afraid to reveal that in 2010 he was sponsored by his brother to come to Australia to work. There, he sometimes buys lottery tickets to find his best friend’s luck but never thought he would become a million-dollar billionaire.

“One day in 2014, I went to the market and bought a lottery ticket to support people for 50 dollars. I didn’t even think about winning, so I didn’t check the numbers. The next day I continued to pass there, when people recognized me and offered to come in and check it out. Then they said I won the jackpot worth 15 million USD, converted into Vietnamese currency at that time was more than 320 billion VND”, Mr. Sun recalled.

Changing his life thanks to “heaven’s fortune”, the man decided to leave his homeland to return to Vinh Long to establish a career, to be near his relatives. Then he chose a beautiful, dignified, gentle woman from the countryside to marry.

“Because of fate, we should be husband and wife. I also never asked specifically why he had so much money. I only know that he currently has a lot of real estate and does charity work to help people in difficult circumstances. Currently, my husband and I have 3 children together,” said Sun’s wife.

It is known that right after winning the lottery, Mr. Sun distributed a lot of rice to poor people and paved the way for them to go, rebuilding old damaged pagodas for people to practice their beliefs. “I don’t have cash to invest in real estate, opening dozens of hectares of land to grow oranges. Thereby I can create jobs for people in the region, contributing a small part to promote the country’s development,” the giant shared.

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