Vinicius case | Thebes asks to remove points from the clubs for racism and that the teams retire in the face of xenophobic acts such as that of Vinicius

Vinicius case |  Thebes asks to remove points from the clubs for racism and that the teams retire in the face of xenophobic acts such as that of Vinicius

2023-05-25 21:19:48

One day after repenting before the Brazilian press, because “I didn’t want to attack Vinicius”, Javier Tebas appeared to explain a case that is damaging the reputational image of LaLiga, also affected by the Negreira Case. International media and personalities, in addition to the Brazilian player himself, have accused the “racist” competitionaccusing her of inaction in the open files.

In the midst of the exchange of reproaches, the rapid identification and arrest of those responsible for the xenophobic insults at the Mestalla, partially closed for five games by the RFEF Competition Committee. The same body that withdrew the red from Vinicius when considering the VAR images “biased”. a week of many communiqués and interventions such as the one carried out by Thebes.

“Vinicius is going to be the Ballon d’Or”

The head of LaLiga began his speech by talking about his personal relationship with the Brazilian. “When he joined the first team, they asked me who He was the player who could replace Messi and I said that Vinicius. This was a long time ago, “he claimed, aware that he is one of the” greatest assets in Spanish football “. So much so that he assured:” Vinicius is going to be a Ballon d’Or in the future. He is a very important asset for Real Madrid and his team.”

The introduction to an appearance where the most repeated word was “competition”, because with them “we solve the problem in six months, because it is easier than economic control”, defended. “The battle began years ago, but the powers in the disciplinary field belong to the RFEF, not to LaLiga. We began to denounce more than two years ago. Real Madrid has never been involved in the complaints,” defended Tebas, who He said he had gone through “very hard days” after being accused of being a racist.

Eradicate all offensive chants

The president assured that under his mandate, which began in 2013, “we have put an end to some chants and we will put an end to occasional insults.” He gave as an example the homophobic insults that Cristiano Ronaldo received or the “Messi, retarded” that the Argentine endured in several fields. “This is how a battle began that we won, for which I had to carry bodyguards for a long time. My children had to see how a target was painted for us in our house,” Tebas recalled.

As an example of the proactive nature of LaLiga, Tebas cited the case of a match against Osasuna where Vinicius was insulted: “He didn’t find out, but we detected it through our social media department, who saw a video where it was said: ‘At least this fucking black hasn’t scored the goal for us“.

In fact, Tebas assured that control has been strengthened in the matches where the Brazilian plays. “Another mistake is to think that it causes and this is not the case. It already happened to Cristiano and Messi. It is not because he is a provocateur, “explained Tebas, who, citing Miguel de Unamuno, assured that” Spain hurts me, because it is not racist.

Withdraw from the field and close the stadiums

Regarding the measures to be taken, Tebas insisted that LaLiga have more decision-making power and claimed its leading role in the open processes. “The image is damaged when you do not take action. If there are screams, it is because it has not been worked correctly before. It is better to withdraw from the stadiums and stop than to continue ‘hiding’ the racists. Yes, I am in favor of all these types of actions”, assured the person in charge of the competition.

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He went a step further in sports matters, proposing the withdrawal of points from clubs with racist fans. Although he clarified: “In Spain they have only been removed for improper alignments, not for racist reasons. In the Premier, for example, yes. I think it would be good if we start thinking about this topic, it could go well.”

A compendium of solutions with which to tackle a problem that, as Tebas has recognized, has undermined the reputation of LaLiga, forcing the organization to speak with its sponsors. He sent them the same message as in this press conference: “Spain is not a racist country. LaLiga is not racist, it is the one that protects the players the most.”

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