Viral news tries to smoke out snake US citizen burns down 1.8 million worth of house | Viral News | Attempts to smoke the snakes failed, and a knife worth Rs 13 crore was burnt

Maryland : The whole house was set on fire to avoid the annoyance of snakes, which may seem strange. But something like that happened. In the United States, a house worth $ 1.8 million (approximately $ 13 million in India) was set on fire to make the snake jump out.

Actually the homeowner made the mistake. The owner of the house was annoyed by the snake and tried to smoke them. But it is safe to say that supply was low and demand was high.

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The incident took place in Maryland, about 40 miles[40 km]from Washington, DC. The aim was to smoke out the snakes that had entered the house but it had spread to other parts of the house.

The event takes place on November 23rd. The owner was on fire at 10pm on November 23rd. Firefighters continued to try to put out the blaze, which broke out uncontrollably.

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The fire was started with charcoal. The owner also set fire to the side of the house, which could explode quickly. The fire started burning from the basement of the house. Then came the fire force.

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No one was injured in the incident. But the Maryland Fire Department said it had not received any information about the snake, which the family said was there. This is what it means to burn down a house for fear of rats.

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