Viral song mocking Communist government’s online cyber fighters: China bans

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Beijing: China bans Malaysian singer Namavi’s new music album China has banned the album Fragile. The move is said to be an insult to China and the Chinese people.

The music album mocks Communist government supporters in China for attacking online criticism of the government. The album Fragile contains satire against the Chinese government, online attacks by cyber comrades, and the Hong Kong and Taiwan issue. Fragile seems like a love song at first glance. But throughout the lines it is a mockery of China.

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The lyrics, written by Namavi himself, are sung by him and Australian Chinese singer Kimberly Chen. The lyrics are in Mandarin Chinese. China’s ban came as the album garnered attention. Fragile was banned in China and both were expelled from Chinese social media. But Namavi responded that he had no regrets in composing such a song.

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