Viral video | നായയുടെ പ്രേതം! Pet run with white appearance; Young man sharing scenes

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An Australian teenager has been accused of playing with another dog ‘ghost’ in his backyard. He also shared CCTV footage of the incident.

Jack Dimarco, from Melbourne, Australia, says he was shocked by the mysterious footage captured on his home security camera. Scenes of Jack’s pet rider playing with another white dog go viral. The dog is seen following the pet dog, which looks like a shadow. The scenes are from the back of the house.

The back of the house is fenced off. So that another dog from the outside cannot enter. Jack says he was shocked by the CCTV footage and immediately ran to the garden and saw nothing but his pet dog. Jack says he accidentally saw the footage on CCTV while smoking a cigarette in the garage.

Jack’s brother, Simon, shared the photo on Facebook. But many speculate that a dog somehow got into the backyard and that is what is seen in the video. At the same time, some argue that this is something supernatural.

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