viral video a boy wears 10 masks in Just 7.35 seconds Got guiness world record Video Goes Trending | For barely seven seconds, a man wearing a mask broke the Guinness World Record for the most number of masks

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People all over the world add their names to the record books in many ways. Guinness World Records often shares world records that attract people like that on their Instagram page. Such a throwback video is going viral again.

We live in a Kovid period. A few months ago, a boy set a world record for wearing the most masks on his face.

George Peel entered the Guinness Book of World Records for wearing 10 face masks in just 7.35 seconds. In the video, we see Peel putting 10 masks one after the other.

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The video received 335,330 likes and many comments. The comments it received were also interesting, “Now it has become a genius,” wrote another, “People have some really weird ideas.

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The Guinness World Records Instagram page regularly shares throwback videos and photos featuring world records that captivate many minds.

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