Virat Kohli captained again .. 3rd ODI turned upside down .. Shock opponents! | India vs South africa 3rd ODI: Virat kohli’s last minute advices turns the 3rd ODI to team india side

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Excellent Partnership

But even then the South African batsmen caused trouble. Batting first, opener Jennyman Malone (1), skipper Bauma (8) and Aidan Markram (15) were out in succession. The pair were then joined by Quinton Decock and the Wanderdusen pair again to form a partnership in the middle order and save the South African team. The pair put up a 144-run partnership for the 4th wicket.

Fans nervous

Fans nervous

Decock 124, Vander Duson 52. The team had amassed over 200 runs in 35 overs. Also had 6 wickets in hand. The fans feared that the Indian team would be set a target of 350 runs in 50 overs. But it was Virat Kohli who changed it.

Collie's captaincy

Collie’s captaincy

While Virat Kohli has not spoken loudly on the field in the last 2 matches, he suddenly brought his captaincy experience into today’s match. KL went to Rahul and gave him advice on what to do next and what the field setting should look like. And when Yuvendra Sahal bowled, he stood in the direction of the slip and the goalie continued to give advice.

Inverted game

Inverted game

The wicket rained down on India as he accepted his advice. South Africa were 214/4 in 35.4 overs when they were bowled out for 287 in 49.5 overs. That means he took 6 wickets for 73 runs. Understand Virat Kohli’s captaincy experience so that the BCCI can get rid of him.

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