Virginie Calmels renounces her candidacy for the LR presidency

Virginie Calmels renounces her candidacy for the LR presidency

His return to the race for the presidency of the Les Républicains party ultimately only lasted nine short days. In an interview with our colleagues from Sunday newspaper, Virginie Calmels announces her decision not to run for the post. Her words are particularly harsh against the methods of organizing a ballot that she considers “biased” and riddled with “irregularities”.

His adventure will ultimately have looked like a long obstacle course. On August 29, the High Authority of LR sent a letter to the former number 2 to tell her that she had rejoined the party too late. The person concerned, who then denounced maneuvers, had decided to turn to justice to try to assert her rights.

A spectacular turnaround finally took place on September 22, when the Paris court, which was ruling urgently, decided to suspend “the effects attached to the decision of inadmissibility of the candidacy” of the former deputy of ‘Alain Juppé at the town hall of Bordeaux. “Here I am restored to my rights”, she welcomed on Twitter.

His return to the race for the LR presidency then took on the outlines of a sacred snub to the party leadership, while four candidates had until then been officially in the running: Éric Ciotti, Bruno Retailleau, Aurélien Pradié and Serge Grouard. A ballot about which Virginie Calmels no longer expects much, she who denounces to our colleagues “a scenario that wanted to be well oiled” in favor of Éric Ciotti.


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