Virologist Nowotny: Omikron in one or two weeks in Austria

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Norbert Nowotny expects that the new Corona variant Omikron will arrive in Austria “in one or two weeks, roughly in the range”. The reason for this is that the changed virus has already spread in South Africa for some time and was possibly brought to Europe by tourists, a case in Belgium has already been proven, according to the expert on Friday in the “ZIB Night”.

Nowotny justified his concern with the fact that more than 30 variants were accumulated in the spike protein. An increased infection is likely. “We are already seeing in South Africa that there are areas with increased infection rates.” In matters of greater danger nothing can be said yet, the next days and weeks will show.

As for the effectiveness of the current vaccines, according to the virologist, it would be possible that their effectiveness against Omikron is somewhat reduced. The advantage of the RNA sera, however, is that they can be adapted relatively easily and quickly, says Nowotny.

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