Virologist Steininger does not believe in a quick lockdown end

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The virologist at MedUni Vienna, Christoph Steininger, does not expect the lockdown for vaccinated people to end as planned on December 12th. He believes in that “just as little as in the Christ Child”, so the co-founder of the “everything gurgles” PCR tests in the “Kurier” (Wednesday edition).

According to the government’s plans, trade, gastronomy & Co. should reopen for vaccinated and convalescent people from December 13th. The “critical limit of 600 intensive care beds will be reached”, Steininger said. In the next two weeks, the numbers would continue to rise.

At the moment, the lockdown is simply not being practiced too radically so that great positive effects can be achieved in the intensive care unit within three weeks. He is therefore “not very optimistic” that there will be a normal life again, at least for those who have been vaccinated, in mid-December will hardly be possible, “said the virologist.

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