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Bolzano. Once the road has been found, it must not be lost. The three points won against Montebelluna represent a starting point for Virtus Bolzano. A new beginning for the men of Mr. Alfredo Sebastiani who, from now on, will be called to confirm the good things expressed against the Treviso team. Confirmations expected not for mere statistical calculation but because the ranking requires it and also, why not, the blazon of the red and white team. In this new beginning, a separate space must be given to Michael Bacher. In that chessboard unrolled against Montebelluna, a chessboard so to speak (almost) of emergency, the former professional midfielder was able to exhibit intelligence, elegance and even tactical sagacity. Features that have constantly fueled the engine of the Bolzano team, especially in the key moments of the race. The cameo for Bacher we consider it a duty and also beneagurante. From here on, in fact, Virtus Bolzano will be called upon to earn their stay in Serie D by fighting and asserting themselves, no ifs and buts. In this process, obviously everyone will be needed, but above all, we have been repeating for some time, those elements with the necessary experience capable of supporting the team to make the leap in quality. Virtus Bolzano has returned to savor the sweet intoxication of the three points after a fairly long period (the eleventh day against Campodarsego), a period of time during which the red and white faced various variables: injuries, suspensions, close engagements. and also a state of form that, due to the long stop, took a while to return to a sufficiently appreciable level. The exhibition provided on the synthesis of the Internorm Arena gave the technician Sebastiani the necessary certainties and also, inevitably, some question marks still to be clarified. Doubts or perplexities that the Abruzzo technician will have to in a very short period of time, because from the next one the commitments that await Virtus Bolzano are those with a red sticker. In the third return, the red and white will pay a visit to the Manzanese runner-up, so the level of attention must remain constantly high. The three points won against Montebelluna allowed Virtus Bolzano to overtake the same Treviso team and, at the same time, settle out of the hot area. But be careful because the ranking is quite short, so it takes very little to return to the limbo of the playout. This is why Virtus Bozano will have to continue to grind the game and points. The road has been traced and it must not be lost. F.R.


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