Visit (remotely) to who is hospitalized? It can be done, thanks to a robot

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At the Irccs Casa Sollievo della Soflievo in San Giovanni Rotondo an experiment starts with the Pepper robot that will interact with elderly patients – Ruggiero Corcella /Courier TV

The experimentation of the robot Pepper , an integral part of a research project focused on the development of assistive robotics solutions aimed at prevent functional and cognitive decline in older people. Thanks to a co-creation process that involved the Information Systems, Innovation and Research Unit together with the Geriatrics Unit and the patients themselves, Pepper has evolved to be able to perform various tasks within theIrccs hospital House for Relief of Suffering of San Giovanni Rotondo (Foggia). One of Pepper’s future developments relates to the ability to simulate human movements for make him a kind of personal trainer inviting the patient to exercise.


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