visit three lighthouses in the same game, where to find them

visit three lighthouses in the same game, where to find them

Like every Tuesday, the missions of Fortnite They are updated to the delight of many who had perhaps been ‘with nothing to do’ for a couple of days, and a bit with the hype of having missions that are an incentive to continue playing. Well, gaining experience and advancing in the battle pass is the great incentive for many players.

Weeks 0 and 1 of this Chapter 4 – Season 2 have seemed very short for us, and just like week 2 will surely be, as we wait for new Syndicate missions and more challenging Trials that do not complete themselves with simple eliminations.

And among the missions, there is one that stands out, not because it is excessively complex, but because it is one of those that bad luck can make us repeat several times, as is the one that orders us visit three lighthouses in the same game of Fortnite.

But wait… Are there lighthouses on this map from Chapter 4? Well, they are not how you expect them, because they are not at all like that Lockie Lighthouse near Pueblo Pesquero. But they are much more rustic and old lighthousesmarrying all the new biome of the island, with the great exception of Mega City, which abandons that air of an Asian and ancient town.

Two of them are very close to each other. But perhaps it is best to start precisely with the one that is furthest away, honoring his name, to the north of isolated village. Since even if we have to take a little walk to the house in the south of the island, there we will find Eve, who will sell us a Rift with which to go quite far.

Maybe even cross Kenjutsu, or if we can avoid it, to the Sakura Circle, where we can get a kinetic blade. With katanas life is much more beautiful in Fortnite, and the second lighthouse is one step away. After that, and with said kinetic sheet, reaching the third is a piece of cake, or if we are not sure, take advantage of the bridge with rails to move faster.


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