The decree in force until April 6 sets out rules and prohibitions for Easter days. Restrictive measures decided to avoid gatherings and stop the infections from Covid 19. All the measures have already been extended with the decree approved by the council of ministers which will come into force on 7 April and will be valid until 30 April.

They remain closed museums, exhibitions, archaeological parks. Cinemas, theaters, gyms, swimming pools and sports centers are also closed. The bars and restaurants are not open to the public, the take-away of food and drinks and home delivery will be allowed. Shopping centers remain closed on weekends, so tomorrow it will not be possible to enter except to go to pharmacies, newsstands and tobacconists.

Some governors have already decided to extend the bans – first of all that of going to second homes – until 11 April and impose the early closure of commercial establishments.

Wherever they will be controls intensified. Self-certification is required to justify the movements.

The visit

Visits to relatives and friends are allowed within their region, once a day from 5am to 10pm, for a maximum of two adults and children under 14. It means that you will not be able to stay asleep. When meeting non-cohabiting people it is recommended to keep the masks if the distance cannot be respected and protect the elderly and the frail.

Visits to single relatives

If you have to go and find a single relative who is not self-sufficient, in the Faq (answers to frequently asked questions) of the government specified that you can also leave the Region.

The party lunches

For lunches on holidays they come reiterate the recommendations not to meet people who do not live together and remember that gatherings and parties are forbidden. In the event of visits from relatives and friends, the need to keep the distance when you are at the table, keep the rooms ventilated, prevent different people from handling the dishes and cutlery within reach, is emphasized.

Religious services

Religious functions with the participation of people can be carried out, it is recommended to attend mass near your home.

The April decree: the rules and prohibitions

The cottage

The decree in force prohibits leaving your home except for reasons of work, health, urgency and therefore it is not possible to organize a trip.

The car

When you move by car with non-cohabitants i passengers must stay in the back seat with mask.

Picnic bans

It is not allowed to organize an outdoor lunch, even if spaced.


The motor activity allowed near one’s home or to go to shops. mandatory distance of at least one meter from any other person and wear personal protective equipment. Gatherings are always prohibited.

The sport

it is allowed to carry out sporting activities exclusively within the territory of one’s own Municipality, from 5 to 22, individually and outdoors, maintaining the interpersonal distance of two meters. however, it is possible, in the performance of a sporting activity that involves a movement (for example, running or cycling), to enter another Municipality, as long as this movement remains functional only to the sporting activity itself and the final destination coincides with the Municipality of departure.

The movements

Italy in the red band is therefore prohibited from leaving one’s home except for reasons of work, health and urgency. Any movement in and out between the territories of different regions or autonomous provinces is prohibited throughout the country.

The second box

The decree allows you to go to second homes but respecting a series of rules: only the cohabiting nucleus can go to the second house and only if the house is uninhabited. You cannot go to the second home with friends and family. Only those who prove to have been entitled to it can go to the second house (therefore owner or tenant from a date prior to January 14, 2021). Non-residents of the region cannot enter Tuscany, Valle d’Aosta, South Tyrol and Piedmont. In Liguria, even residents cannot go to second homes and by boat. In Campania, residents cannot move. In Sicily and Sardinia you can only enter with the negative pad.

The travels

You can also reach the airport outside the region for tourist trips, but those who go abroad on their return will have to stay in solitary confinement for five days and will only be able to leave after taking a swab with negative results.

Local ordinances

In addition to the rules valid throughout the national territory, there are also local ordinances to establish what can be done, but above all what cannot be done on Easter holidays: in some cases they are even more severe and restrictive than the indications established for the whole ‘Italy.

Closed supermarkets

Piedmont from 1 pm on Easter and throughout the Easter Monday closes all supermarkets, including those of medium size. Instead, the small food shops and nurseries remain open. Shops also closed in Puglia, both at Easter and Easter Monday. Takeaway restaurants remain open until 6pm, but only by reservation to avoid queues or gatherings. And the governor Michele EmilianO advises to follow the Messe on television. The closure of bars and restaurants in South Tyrol has been extended until April 30, but take-away is allowed until 6 pm for bars and until 8 pm for restaurants. S to takeaway and home delivery with no time limits for restaurants and bars throughout Sicily, even if in the red zone.

Alcohol and parking

In Umbria, from today to April 30th it is forbidden to sell and administer alcohol by all the activities (bars and restaurants) found on the E45, the expressway that crosses almost the entire region. The consumption of beverages near the premises, in public areas and in parking lots is also prohibited.

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