Viviana Canosa questioned Lali about her Chape Tour: “They are covered, and they are minors!” | Cuyo’s diary

Viviana Canosa questioned Lali about her Chape Tour: “They are covered, and they are minors!”  |  Cuyo’s diary

Every night, Viviana Canosa opens her LN+ program with an editorial on a current issue. On this occasion, the host spoke about one of the news of the moment: the complaints of alleged sexual abuse of minors that became public and involved some celebrities.

Last week, a young man named Lucas Benvenuto told how he had been abused by Jey Mammon when he was a minor. And in the midst of this context, Canosa criticized Lali Espósito for “kissing minors” on stage during what became known as the Chape tour. While images of some of the singer’s shows appeared on the screen, the journalist assured: “There it is. It was Lali Esposito, a woman chapping as she says on the Chape Tour to many boys and girls. She calls them, looks for them, chooses them and tags them. They are minors! But that seems like it’s okay,” she noted.

Then, Canosa added: “I have seen other videos where he makes known people who are of legal age go up on stage, but I think that girl was a minor. We didn’t see that boy’s face but it’s the Chape Tour, and you say “Shall I send my teenage son to see a Lali show?” And what I know…”.

He also stated that if male singers, such as Duki or Wos, did the same with adolescents, they would be considered “rapists.” Next, she reflected: “What happens when a woman like Lali Esposito does it? She’s beautiful, beautiful, talented, she goes without saying, but she does the Chape tour and she wields power over teenagers on stage. She wears mines, guys, nobody says anything, everyone says: ‘What a genius Lali Esposito’. Do they want equality for everyone?” she wondered.

In addition, the journalist recalled the actress’s reaction to Thelma Fardin’s complaint against Juan Darthés for child sexual abuse: “Lali did shit to Juan Darthés, but with Jey Mammon he says that we have to wait for what the Justice says. Everything is a double standard in this country. It is incredible, how many miserable ones”.

During the broadcast, Canosa showed an interview that the former conductor of La Peña de Morfi did to Espósito in a theater a few years ago. “I found this video of Jey Mammon how Estelita talks to Lali Esposito, who was younger, and they make jokes about sex with minors, orgies with 4-year-old living room children, it’s a humor that a person with ethics and morals can’t understand. It wouldn’t even happen drunk.”

On Wednesday afternoon, Jey Mammon broke the silence in a post on his networks after the serious complaint by Lucas Benvenuto, who claimed to have had a relationship with him when he was a minor. “I am going through perhaps the worst moment of my life. I have never experienced the levels of anguish that I am experiencing and what I am feeling I did not know that it could be felt, that a person could experience what I am experiencing. It’s new to me,” said the driver at the beginning of filming.

“I did not rape, I did not abuse, I did not drug anyone. Never. Never in my life, nor have I done it, nor would I do it, nor will I do it. I strongly deny it. We are talking about a 14-year-old boy, this is what is important, ”he added, before recounting his version of the meeting with Lucas Benvenuto, who made the complaint.

“I know Lucas. I’m not going to say ‘I don’t know who he is, I don’t know him’. I met Lucas on April 25, 2009. He says that he saw me, and he says that he was 14 years old. He was 16 at that party, we met there, we exchanged a few words. There are witnesses, there are videos, what I am saying can be proven,” said the driver in the seven-minute video.


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