Vizhinjam conflict: A list of those to be arrested is being prepared – R Nishanthini | Vizhinjam Protest Manorama News

Thiruvananthapuram – The police is preparing a list of those to be arrested in the Vizhinjam conflict. The High Court is hearing the case on the port issue tomorrow. Arrest will be made after that. Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan had directed to continue the investigation in the cases related to the conflict.

It is clear that due to this, DIG R. Nishanthini was appointed as a special officer for the Vizhinjatu Law and Order Bridge and a special team was formed under the leadership of the Deputy Commissioner for further action in the cases of accused including priests. A case has been filed against 3000 people known to have been involved in the attack on the police station, including attempted murder. Hindu Aikyavedi protested against the anti-port strike.

Meanwhile, there is no confirmation from the Kerala Police about the National Investigation Agency (NIA) investigation into the police station attack. DIG Nishanthini stated that there was no knowledge of any terrorist links infiltrating the strike and the NIA was not present at the meeting he attended. Meanwhile, the police registered a case against the convener of the strike committee Fr.

English Summary: Vizhinjam attack case


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