Vizhinjam police station attack; NIA collects information

Thiruvananthapuram: The National Investigation Agency (NIA) is also collecting information on the Vizhinjam police station attack. NIA will probe whether there is external interference behind the strike. But the information received is that the NIA has not directly asked the Kerala Police for the information. Instead, the NIA is collecting information about the police station attack on its own.

54 policemen were injured in the attacks that took place last day. Three people were seriously injured. It is also reported that the CCTV cameras of the nearby shops were destroyed before the attack on the police station. The police say that the cameras were broken by reaching the bikes. They attacked the police station with rods and stones. Five vehicles were destroyed. Policemen on duty were attacked with lethal weapons. According to the police FIR, a loss of 85 lakh rupees has been caused.

At the same time, the police have decided not to rush into action, including the arrest, which resulted in a conflict in connection with the Vizhinjam port strike. The strike committee has decided to continue the strike against the port. Latin Archdiocese assisted the fishermen injured in the conflict. R Christudas visited the houses.

The Latin Archdiocese and the fishermen intensified the struggle against the port, but the situation in Vizhinjam is currently calm. The strike committee decided to continue the normal protest. The Latin Diocese has called on the faithful and fishermen not to be offended.

DIG R. places where there was conflict last day A special investigation team led by Nishanthini may visit today. A special team investigating cases related to the Vizhinja attacks will also assess the circumstances. The police will not rush into action including arrest. More police have been deployed in Vizhinjam in case the possibility of conflict is not completely eliminated. The police refused permission for the march that was to be held by Hindu Ikyavedi demanding that the construction of the port be made a reality.


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