VJ Mahalakshmi: With the actress’s husband before Ravindra… Mahalakshmi’s romance before Ravindra! – Mahalakshmi’s gossiped with serial actor Ravinder

Mahalakshmi, who cheated on her husband, was in a romantic relationship with someone else before Ravinder.

Lots of fans

Small screen actress Mahalakshmi started her career as a VJ. Actress Mahalakshmi, who gained a lot of fans then, made a splash on the small screen as Willy.

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Mahalakshmi fell in love with Anil and got married. They have a son. Mahalakshmi, who had separated from her husband due to family problems, lived with her son at her parents’ house. In this case, Mahalakshmi divorced Anil in 2019.

Husband of the actress

Mahalakshmi, who continued to act in serials after her divorce, was reportedly in a romantic relationship with a married actor. That is, the information spread that Mahalakshmi and Ishwar Raghunath, the husband of small screen actress Jayashree, were having an affair.

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Just friends

Actress Jayashree also showed the chat messages between the two. Later, Jayashree complained to the police that Mahalakshmi was causing problems in his family life. Responding to this, Mahalakshmi denied the allegations saying that she and Ishwar were friends.

Married to Ravindra

Actress Mahalakshmi, who was not acting in some serials after that, later started acting again. Actress Mahalakshmi recently got married to producer Ravinder. It is noteworthy that their marriage is being trolled on social media.

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