Vj Parvathy Maldives Trip Photos

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Along with TV anchors, YouTube anchors have also become very popular among fans in the current era. In that way Vj Parvathy, the host and host, has become popular among the youth of Tamil Nadu in a short period of time. He worked as a jockey on a private YouTube channel called Galata. He is not only a VJ but also a model and a journalist. He is always active on social media. He has more than one lakh followers on Instagram.


Parvathy became famous among fans because of Hip Hop Aadi. Last year he gave a hip hop interview. The show was hosted by RJ Parvathy. In this, Hip Hop Tamila Adi shared his old memories, things that have happened and things that will happen in the future.

Parvati and Kaeli:

Then Parvati, are you looking at aunty in your life?? he asked. “There was no one till now to see you,” he said. As a result, fans posted the video on social media and posted many memes. Since then many people call him Anti.

Parvati played in the pub:

Similarly, many people are comparing her with Mia Khalifa. Even though there are many kinds of jokes about him, Baru gets over it very easily. Parvathy, who rose to fame through her YouTube interviews, got opportunities on the small screen and even the silver screen. He participated as a clown in the show Kuku with Komali which was aired on Vijay TV.


Fan Comment:

He is active on social media and often posts photos, so recently he shared a video of himself walking in a Pub on his Instagram page. A netizen commented, “I thought you were a good girl, you talk well, you do good anchoring, but you go to a dance parlor and dance like this, so you all look like a modern girl.”

Parvati’s response:

Parvathy replied that music and dance are an expression of freedom. In such a situation, Parvati has been throwing glamorous photos in the Maldives.



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